Observations at a Starbucks

I write at a starbucks near my home. Mostly because I enjoy being a cliche’. Also because the baristas are nice to me and know me as “The guy who never buys anything, but puts something in the tip jar anyway.”

But being surrounded by people stokes my creative side. I find it easier to write in a busy environment.

Or, perhaps more accurately, I find stupid things on my computer FAR more distracting when I’m alone.

Some things about my starbucks:

  • Wedding planners meet with clients here alot. Does starbucks cater weddings? Take note, coffee execs.
  • There is a inverse correlation with how much I enjoy a book  and the chance someone will come over to me and gush about it or start a conversation about it.No matter how much I enjoy Emperor Mollusk Versus the Sinister Brain, a person with a bare ring-finger will only start a conversation with me if they see me reading The Magicians by Lee Grossman. I have major issues with that book.
  • A certain Persian barista has yet to ask me about my time-travelling book

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